Hey so um I am like completely and incredibly immersed in love and affection with tumblr user hajimarinoniina and I just really wanted to tell y’all that but shhhh keep it a secret

I fucking love the shit out of you

I love you too but I mean hey that seems a little obvious :b

Hi Laur
Hey Tumblr


if you can dress up please do! otherwise still please come it’s a good time

"You still love him! It isn’t in the past! You haven’t forgotten anything. Stop acting like you’re strong! Don’t run away! Don’t let it be carried away! Think properly! Right now you have things to do. Go!"

Levy McGarden dashboard headers. ♥ requested by anonymous.


I’m sure he will do it. I’m very sure.

[ Based on this post ( x ) ]



"Thank you, you’ve been great."

give em the ol razzle dazzle

the cali chronicles